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ELECTROPUTERE-MER division has a long tradition in the field of rotating electric machines. The manufacturing range has increased in time, starting in 1950 with the manufacturing of unsophisticated low voltage induction motors meant for pumps driving and coming today to manufacturing high voltage induction motors meant for the nuclear power station in Cernavoda.

Up to now over 5800 types have been assimilated in a total volume of production of over 115000 pieces, of which 81000 induction motors, 3000 direct current motors, 26000 traction motors and over 5000 synchronous generators and motors.

Electroputere is an ISO 9001-2000 company.


High voltage induction motors

Frame sizes: H=315, 355, 400, 450, 500, 560, 630, 710, 800, 900 and 1000 mm

Low and high voltage vertical induction motors-flange

Dimensions: FF=740, 940, 1080, 1130, 1450 and 1900 mm

Products by destination:

Production, transport and distribution of electric energy

> Electrical motors for thermoelectric power plants

Cement industry

> Electrical motors for cement plant driving

> Electrical motors for air compressors, pumps driving

Oil industry

> Electrical motors for explosive areas

> Electric drive systems and equipment for drilling rigs

Mining industry

> Electrical motors for explosive areas

Railway and Urban Traction

> Urban traction motors

> Motors and generators for railway traction

Terrestrial and maritime applications

> Generating sets

Industrial Applications

> Motors for driving of the equipment with fan mechanical characteristic

> Testing equipments

Technical details

-           Rated outputs range: 160 – 4000 kW

-           Rated voltage: 3000, 4160, 5500, 6000, 6600, 10000, 11000V

-           Synchronous speed: 375 – 3600 RPM at 50Hz or 60Hz

-           Class of insulation: F or H (for special applications)

-           Protection degree: IP23, IP54, IP55, IPW54, IPW55

-           Rotor type squirrel cage or wound

-           Constructive shape: horizontal, vertical or flanged

-           Cooling: air-air or air-water cooling
-           Antifriction or sleeve bearings, grease or oil lubricated
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