EN motors introduces a "budget line" submersible motors

EN motors has developed a “budget line” submersible motors with a capacity range from 250kW up to 500kW for the dredging industry. With this development EN Motors answers the increasing request for these motors and strengthens its market position in Europe.

Custom made submersible motors, up to 6MW, have been developed and produced since decades. Besides this the engineers of EN have also developed the “budget line” submersible motor in the range of 250kW up to 500kW and included the latest innovations. Quality is guaranteed, but because of the modular construction the lead time in the production process significantly can be shortened which reduces costs.

Also in other segments EN motors doesn’t sit still and listens to the market. For this reason the company will be also developing “deep sea mining” and “air-cooled submersible motors” from 6 up to 7MW in 2022.