Press release

Maarten van Berkum (44) is the new owner-manager of EN motors. He is taking over from Robert Berger, who headed the Nijmegen company for over 30 years.
Van Berkum first joined EN motors as a work planner in 2004. He advanced toproject engineer, then project leader, technical manager and finally, CEO.
“I’m proud to be leading a company that has set the tone for so many years.”

Ready for Industry 4.0
Van Berkum has set himself the goal of maintaining EN motors’ leadership positionin the field of electric motors. “That means we must practice continuous innovation.
The same electric motors we manufactured ten years ago are now being producedby our competitors, after all.” To help accomplish this, EN motors has switched to such techniques as 3D drawing, and Van Berkum also intends to focus even moreclosely on efficiency and automation within the company. “Both on the shop floor and in our Sales and Engineering departments, our people are constantly working on expansion of our specialist knowledge. That’s the only way we can stay in the lead and be ready for Industry 4.0.”

EN Motors
EN motors employs over 40 specialised workers who supply thousands of electric motors each year, from 0.55 to 5 MW, to clients all over the world. EN motors supplies standard, modified and custom-made electric motors. Standard WEG & AEM motors up to 355 kW are available from stock. Thanks to fast production lines, EN motors can modify an existing motor in under 24 hours. However, the company’s core business is and always will be the in-house design and manufacturing of specialised and customer-specific motors. Van Berkum: “We don’t believe in saying no and ‘can’t’ isn’t in
our vocabulary! Anything is possible; we’ll find or create a suitable solution to every challenge.”