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PRODUCTEN // WEG // Transforming standard motors into special solutions


For nearly 20 years EN motoren nijmegen bv has the experience with WEG and we know every detail of the WEG motors. With this experience we are able to 'transform standard motors into special solutions'.
A lot of modifications can be made by using the standard WEG motor. For example a modification like changing the motor from air cooled to a water jacked cooled motor can be easily done.
If it is not possible to use WEG motor even a special motor can be manufactured ourself. To do this our technical department can engineer a complete new design. Submerged electric motors, water-cooled explosion proof motors or stainless steel motors are just a few examples. Also electrically special motors can be produced with parts of WEG.
Further advantages are the production of small quantities which is no problem, even one is possible. For big quantities we can make the pre-design and prototype motor so that you can order the series at WEG. Short dlivery times and good pricing is what we can offer you.
We are looking forward to respond to all your inquiries and be at your service for the special motors you are looking for.

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