Modified motors

Depending on what the customer requires, we can modify our standard motors. The basic component (the standard motor) remains the same, but we can add, remove, or modify different components.

The following modifications, among others, can be made to our motors:

  • adjust flange, such as a larger or smaller flange than the standard size
  • adjusting the output shaft, i.e. making it smaller, shorter, or according to customer specifications
  • increasing the protection rating (standard IP55) to IP67
  • installation of standstill heating
  • security: placing e.g. PTC, PT100, or Microtherm contacts
  • change the voltage; rewind the motor
  • installing other types of bearings, such as a roller bearing for an application that exerts high radial forces on the motor shaft
  • building up brakes and/or encoders and forced cooling
  • spray a different color of paint and/or a high-quality paint plan