Modified motors

EN motors can modify the standard motors if there are additional requirements. We can add, remove or modify different aspects, parts or details to offer a better solution to the customer.

The following modifications, among others, can be made to our motors:

  • replace the flange for a larger or smaller flange than the standard size
  • adapt the output shaft making it smaller, shorter or according to customer specifications
  • increase the protection rating: from standard IP55 up to IP68
  • install standstill heating
  • add protection: e.g. PTC, PT100 and/ or Microtherm contacts
  • change the voltage by rewinding the motor
  • install other types of bearings such as a roller bearing for an application that exerts high radial forces on the motor shaft
  • mount brakes, encoders and/ or forced ventilation
  • spray a different color of paint and/or a high-quality paint plan