Standard motors

EN motors supplies standard motors in IEC efficiency classes that range from IE1 to IE5. IE3 is the current standard and is available from stock. Motors with a size IEC63 up to and including IEC355 take a short time to deliver.
We can even supply motors larger than IEC355.

All conceivable adjustments to standard motors can be carried out by EN motors. See also our modified motors.

We produce and supply standard electric motors in almost any size.


EN motors are powerhouses. The output of our standard motors can reach up to 400 kWh.

Efficiency standard

The efficiency standards of our standard motors vary from IE2 to IE5.
The IE2 and IE3 motors are available directly from stock and we can also deliver IE4 motors quickly.

Standard, yet exceptional

Even in our standard segment, we are exceptional. In addition to the IE2 through to IE4, we can also supply IE5 and compact (yet powerful) IP23 motors.