Custom made

Where other companies might quit, that's where the real work begins for
EN motors! Is a standard or a modified motor not sufficient for your purposes, or does the motor not fit? In that case, we can build a customized motor. EN motors employs engineers who can build a motor from scratch. As a result, we can come up with a solution to any challenge.

A few examples:

  • from a high-speed main drive for cotton spinning machines to a highly innovative drive for dyeing textiles in a medium of supercritical CO2
  • from motors for a test set-up that mimics the extremes of the life of satellites or, for example, the Mars rover, to motors that are submerged in liquid LNG gas and need to drive a pump
  • and from super high-speed motors for testing fuel pumps for jet engines to drive motors for boats in an amusement park or river/sea vessels

Innovation and customization is part of EN motors's "DNA"!